CORONAVIRUS – What Folding@Home is Doing and How You Can Help In Simple Terms

If you’re not familiar with Folding@home you should take a moment and watch this video

You can help them tackle the CORONAVIRUS problem by donating computing power by running their client on your PC.

Or if you feel even more altruistic then you can sponsor computational power. We have 12kwh of computing power that can contribute to the folding@home project or team. We have 377 TFLOPS(51 GTX 1070’s + 8 GTX 1060) at a rate of $0.15/kwh that we can point to your team’s efforts on this project. On average this works out to 1000K points per $ assuming WU’s are issued has no delay. Depending on the F@H utilization you will only pay for the power used.

If you like to read more at folding@home